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R&D and Business Scope

Continuous research and development of disease-prevention substances through oral formulations

We continue to push innovation within our High-value Nutraceutical & Ingredient for antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances, anti-cancer substances, etc., which can be proven to be able to function for liberation from various diseases that are a challenge for humanity, and produce the best raw materials that can be used in new drug development and functional health foods.



Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina)

N-Cell has special Spirulina strain.

- Different morphology: 100 times longer body-length than WT Spirulina.

- High antioxidant pigments content

- High resistance to ammonia-based medium

- Fast growth rate and easy and fast harvesting property.


Euglena gracilis

N-Cell developed new technology to optimize the industrialized

medium for cultivation of high concentration of Euglena.

- the only `plant' and `animal' intermediate on the planet.

- the only living thing that creates a "paramylon"


Nannochloropsis salina

- Nannochloropsis salina is the microalgae which produces Chlorophyll A and Omega 3.

- Chlorophyll A has the property of excellent anti-cancer and immune activity.

- Since it has the high fat content, it is known to be the source for bio-energy


Chlorella vulgaris

- Microalgae recognized as food and health functional food materials
- Rich in nutrients such as chlorophyll, vitamins and amino acids.
- Functional certification of immunity, antioxidant action, skin health, etc.


Sparassis crispa

- Sparassis crispa has the properties of strengthen the immune system, anti-cancer         

  effect, lowering blood glucose and cholesterol, lipid metabolism improvement,   

  inflammation relief and improvement of gout.

- It contains essential amino acid nutrients such as betaglucan, polyphenol and vitamins.



- Generate Omega-3 (DHA, DPA, EPA).

- Protect the retina and optic nerve.

- It improves blood circulation and reduces cholesterol and neutral fat.

- reduce atopy.


Lobosphaera incisa

- Parietochloris incisa produces Arachidonic acid (AA, 20:4 ω-6) , this species is

  the riches plant source of the PUFA arachidonic acid.

- ARA is an integral constituent of biological cell membrane, conferring it with fluidity

  and flexibility, so necessary for the function of all cells, especially in nervous system,   

  skeletal muscle, and immune system.


Mortierella alpina

- Mortierella alpina contains ARA and EPA, helping to form nerve cells, promoting

  the growth of fetuses and infants and improving cognitive abilities.

- It is also effective in improving immunity, preventing dementia, and reducing

  cholesterol and internal fat.


Trichoderma harzianum

- Trichoderma harzianum is a mold with bactericidal properties.

- It is used as natural insecticides (biopesticides).

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sn tech

SN technology

A new paradigm of the microbial culture process

The most fundamental and important thing for the microbial industry is sterilization.


We have developed a new sterilization method called SN tech, which completely replaces existing high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization methods.


SN tech is an environment-friendly sterilization method that does not utilize high temperature or high pressure and is more efficient in culturing microorganisms than conventional sterilization methods.


CFU tests on Difco YM agar plates

A) B. subtilis

B) B. subtilis + SN tech

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Development of hybrid type photobioreactor

(Colum & Flat type)


Light intensity according to angle position of LED bar

Biomass production of Spirulina at LED bar angle

Chlorophyll yield of spirulina according to LED bar angle

배양기 일러스트레이션 디자인-01.jpg

The angular change of light makes light volume control easier and minimize the loss of light due to curved reflection.


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Patent & Certification

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